Vignette of Pencil Drawings


Psychedelic and simple drawings, drop the Adult Coloring Book


Today’s episode we present 4 pencil/crayon/charcoal and lead drawings. I originally saw this technique on an artist website where he was making psychedelic drawings and broke down how they were done. So that is our project for this episode. These drawings are a lot more fun than Adult coloring books that are the current fad. These drawings will be wonderful gifts to give, personalize for your loved ones or freneds and you will be proud to display them. Also depending on how detailed you want to be they can be done fairly quickly.

What you will need (specific to this vignette)

1 notebook, I recommend getting something with a heavy weight 10.00

set of 12 color pencils 8.00

set of drawing pencils 10.00

chamois 2.00

variety of erasers 3.00

artist crayons 2.00

sharpener 2.00

charcoal and leads variety pack 10.00

matted frames 15.00 each


Here is a few pictures of what I used


I grabbed all of this at Michael’s but feel free to use whatever store is local for you, if you use a big box store make sure you grab some coupons, Michael’s has great coupons.


How we did it

Step 1 make a solid line from one end of the page to the other, free form this line, the more sweeping the better but not too curvy.

step 2 rotate the notebook and make 6 curvy lines. You can do more or less depending on how many waves you want in your picture.


Step 3 here is the tricky part, where your first line crosses into the horizontal lines start making curved lines that connect the horizontal lines, the first line determines if the new lines will be up or down

Step 4 I usually start from the center and work out, color in between the horizontal lines, dark on the edges and highlighted in the center

depending on the medium you are using you can smudge the pencil/charcoal/lead to make a more smokey and blended effect


Step 5 continue to fill in, I use light dark light dark alternating method.


step 6 finish until all “waves” are filled

step 7 frame your picture


The notebook I used was 9×12 inches after I tore if out of the perforation and the matting I used was 8×10, frame was 11×14.


Time per drawing 2 hours


lessons learned

lay in lines should be drawn lighter or very dark

on colored pencils ensure you are really showing the highlight for each band.

smudging is fun, use it.


Send in your pictures and your stories about who you made this for and heck come on the show and talk with us about your project at



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