A Gift of Self / Oil Painting


Welcome back to KDOI Podcasting, Season 2 Ep 5 Oil Painting project. This is probably the most personalized project you will do in this season. It is is the most difficult because you have to wait for the paint to dry between steps.

Lets start with the story and then we will get into the project. I am a self taught painter, I have only taken elementary painting classes and recently I took a “class” about 1.5 years ago where the teacher was around providing paint, brushed and tools to paint. We had to provide the inspiration and the canvas. I decided this would be a great opportunity to give a gift to my wife for Xmas so I took a picture of our trip to Paris where we kissed in front of the I Love You Wall and I dove into the class. It took 3 sessions of 2 hours each and walla, I had the best Xmas present ever, an attempt to recreate that  moment in time.


Naturally for this season I wanted to do that again, so I took a picture of my twins hugging each other in their bedroom before bed. This was very hard for me as I had no one to help me out with this project, so it is not as successful as my original project. Here is the picture I was going for.

I know this is my greatest achievement in life, and it was challenging to get this on canvas.


Here is what you will need

Canvas I like 11×14 but you can choose your own size for whatever you need

Brushes – I recommend getting brushes that are cheaper especially if this is your first time and synthetic brushes if you can get them. I got a variety pack and was very happy

Paint knives – these aren’t sharp, but they will help in tight spots

Turpinetine to thin out the paints and clean off the brushes and knives

Oil Paint get a variety pack that has a color wheel

Rags to clean up

Soap for cleaning the brushes

easel to put the canvas on while you are painting

pencil to sketch your painting






Step 1 sketch the painting

Step 2 decided how you want to approach this painting, what areas you want to do first, second and last

Step 3 begin mixing colors

Step 4 begin painting each section

Let it dry between sessions

Step 5 let it dry and apply sealant on it so it will stay dry and safe forever


Lessons learned

1. Take your time do it in layers, stop painting like oil is acrylics

2. Get help early on from someone who has more experience

3. Plan out your sections better and be okay with doing smaller sections and taking your time


Send us what you did and let us know what your story is

email kdoipodcasting@gmail.com

twitter @kdoi_podcasting


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