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Thank you for downloading this episode of KDOI Podcasting, Kimo’s Den  of Iniquity, hello my name is Timothy Kimo Brien head instigator here and now in your ears. I am so glad you are here for season 2 last project A Place For Everything : Bookcase Project. So we have done about 12 episodes and thank you for coming along on this journey. I have made some beautiful mistakes along the way, I have double counted steps and I have one project I was unable to complete on time. Life happens, but you know what, I will complete that project because it is important to me. If you were unable to complete your projects no worries, take your time, listen to the episode again and knock it out. Guess what, you can listen to the episode a year later and still do it, no worries I plan on sticking around for a long time, and I welcome you to do the same, one way to do that is to reach out to me via email kdoipodcasitng@gmail.com, twitter @kdoi_podcasting Instagram @kdoi_podcasting and my facebook page TKBrien72.

Today’s project is a nice way to end this season, you need someplace to put your projects right, well why not create a bookcase. Yeah, you can go grab something over at Lowe’s, not a sponsor of this podcast, but you have spent all this time to create your projects, you should really take that next step and make your own bookcase. You don’t need to have superb woodworking skills, you do need to have a basic grasp of math and measuring. Can you make a box, you can make this project. If you can’t make a box, no worries, I am happy to teach you how to do this.  Just have someone there, wear hearing and eye protection, make sure you know how to use your tools by reading the manufactures owners manual and if you still are unsure, I would recommend taking a class at your local hardware store, community college or woodworking shop. We have a great one here in Fredericksburg and with a little investigation you can find one as well. Talk with your artist community and you will find these folks. I would say that this is probably the most expensive project, but if you have bought extra wood from the ammo flowerbed project then you should be fine.


Okay here is the materials list that you will need to make this project:

4 1”x3”x8’ boards

2 sheets of ½”x2’x4’ of Masonite

Box of interior wood 8×1 ¾” screws

2 cordless drills

1 star bit (comes with interior woodscrews)

1 drill bit

Palm sander with 120 grit paper

Circular saw


Speed square – note this project I used scrap lumber

Table for cutting and assembly


Here are some pictures of what my set up look like



Our first step is doing the cutting. Cut all your 8’ boards down right in half to 4’keep in mind that an 8’ board is not 8’ it usually is a bit longer, by usually ¼” to ½ “ so split the difference. Keep in mind your blade in your circular saw has a width as well, if that is too much math, we have a sander. You should end up with 8 sticks of 4 feet long. Boom there is your 2 book cases.


Next step is to cut the Masonite. This will be our shelf and out backing for the book case. I am using ½” Masonite because it has enough heft to hold up whatever you are putting up on the shelf, but it is not too beefy to be overkill. Again math is not our friend, you want to end up with 4 pieces from each board. Mark off 1’ on the long side of the Masonite, how I made my cuts, I went right down the middle, and then each piece I cut again right down the middle.


Okay lets put this bad boy together. Now when you but up your wood, you should have used your speed square, I lost mine a long time ago, so I use scrap lumber to mark off my measure lines. Anyhow, you really should have a speed square when you put this together as you want to make sure everything is square and level. I eyeball it and if it breaks or falls apart I can fix it. Get your two cordless drills ready, the interior wood screws I use have a star drive and comes with its own bit. Since we are screwing from wood to Masonite I highly recommend using pilot hold, hence why you need the 2nd drill with a small drill bit, no bigger than 1/8” I used a 1/16” bit. Here is where 2 sets of hands is great, or if you have clamps then sue them. Since I have twin 4 year olds, I have nothing, so I recommend you get a vasectomy right now unless you adopt, then who cares right? No wait that is another podcast. Start with one side, measure down 8 inches from each end of the sticks and place your Masonite on edge. Drill your pilot hole and set your speed square so that you are making a right angle. Both the stick of wood and the Masonite should be on edge. Start with the bottom shelf and then work your way up. For a flat surface I used my garage floor, I am sure it is level, in fact come to my house and see how level it is for yourself. When you have made sure that the stick and the Masonite is perpendicular and square drill your pilot holes and then switch to the wood screws and sink the screw in so that it depresses slightly into the wood. If you want to can sink it farther or use a special pilot hole drill that will make the head of the screw flush with the stick. Do the same for the top shelf. Then take out 2 more sticks of wood and measure down 8 inches and match it up with the Masonite. Drill your pilot holes and then sink in the screws. Here is without the backing put in.




Now you will notice, this is wobbly because it has no support in the back.

Take your 2 other pieces of Masonite  and lay down the whole project on it’s back. Chose a side for the back, you can do it, you are in charge. With the bookcase on its back you will take the 2 pieces of Masonite and place them under each shelf so they are perpendicular. Yeah geometry is not my strong suit, I know 90 degrees and that is all you really need to know. But seriously you need the backing to provide rigidity. So I drilled from the outside in, 4 screws for each piece. I attached my screws from the outside going in, so for the top shelf I put the screws from the top of the shelf into the backing and from each side from the outside of the stick to the Masonite, on the bottom shelf to hide my screws I went in from the bottom. Take a look at this picture



Okay once you get this whole thing put together, get it up on a table and sand it down. Again I don’t have all the tools I had while in school, no wonder my student loan was 80K. Sand this down really good to knock off any splinters or rough edges you will have. Also if you are like me and lack all the proper tools, if your legs are not quite level you can sand the heck out of it to make it level. The only person who will know is you. Here is the final picture






Okay cost/time breakdown for this project, took me about 2 hours because it was warm outside and I was listening to Bob Dylan. Bob slows me down a lot, so you may want to listen to something more motivating. Cost, Masonite cost me $12 a sheet, sticks of wood cost me $6 a stick screws cost $5 a box so for 2 bookcases just over $50. Now ou can customize this however you want. Some people will want to knock of the tops of the sticks or at least the front part of the top of the sticks. I am leaving them up there because I can easily cut another piece of Masonite and make another shelf at the top. You may want to paint this, well after you sand it you will be able to prime it and paint it whatever color you like, the Masonite will take paint pretty well that is why I used it. Now this is for my mancave, if it was for my wife and her millions of books I will paint it with her favorite colors, if it were for my girls then whatever color they wanted. You could stain it, but the Masonite will not take the stain well, so I would recommend painting. To further secure it, especially in a child room, screw it into the studs in your walls. Yes there are studs in your walls, your spouse or significant other is right. This should hold up to 100 lbs of projects, so what are you waiting for, get cracking on this project so you can display even more projects.


Thank you for listening in as we Create More Than We Consume

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