Butcher, Baker and now you are a Candle Maker

Learn how to create and personalize your own candles


Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker


Episode finds KDOI in the midst of Season 2 with our Candle Project. I have been making candles since my days in Richmond Virginia where I grabbed a jelly candle wax and made jelly candles. The results were not great, so then I got fancier. I have given candles to friends and romantic partners for years and they have all been received with warmth and love.

This project should take about 30 minutes for set up  and the cooling aspect will depend on time of year and temperature of the place where the candle cools. Overnight is best.

Supplies needed for basic candle making

Parafin wax 1 LBS

Thick glass container (This is important)

Wick and wick gum


stir stick

2 pots to make double boiler


Before you go any further this can be dangerous, burns can happen as they have happened to me, keep children at least arms distance if not more from where you will be working

Costs :

Wax 8.00

Glass container 5.00

wick and wick glue (get a set it cheaper) 5.00

Dye ( again get a set) 3.00

stir stick free

2 pots for double boiler (Goodwill or dumpster dive) 5.00


total cost 26.00 (keep in mind this is the initial cost)



step 1 prepare the glass container – place wick and wick glue down and tie wick to another stick that lays on top of container

step 2 fill double boiler with water, making sure not to overfill, about 1/4 should be fine, turn on heat until water boils strong

step 3 put in wax and let fully melt

step 4 mix in dye until melted and incorporated

step 5 pour wax slowly into glass container

step 6 trim wick and let set up

Lessons learned :

Its been while since I made a candle so this was my first attempt in a few years. Use solid dye, liquid dye is just runny and does not incorporate well with melted wax. Make sure to do your prep work on the container, ensure your wick is ties tightly to a stick that covers the top of the container. If you need to double pour make sure you have another container that you don’t mind trashing to catch the excess wax. Also if you need to double pour make sure that the first pour is totally set up.


And there you have your candle, feel free to add your own personal touches such as sand or pebbles in the wax once melted, wrap the container with a lacy bow or paper mache’ the container with Sunday comics section. Add scents if the receiver is not allergic.


Enjoy and send what you did with us here at KDOI Podcasting, email us your project pictures or ideas to kdoipodcasting@gmail.com

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