Discussing Art with a Martial Artist


Using psychology and martial arts to help clients heal themselves


Today’s episode we take on our first “non artist” John Demaria.

We discuss our 20 year friendship where we met when he was 3 and I was 15, he claims it was when he was 7 or 8 and I was considerably older, let the audience decide.

The heatwave that is the state of Arizona vs the balmy temperate climate of Virginia is explored.

The word palatable is deemed to be the word of the day and is explored in depth.

Experiences with the previous Kimo’s Den  Of Iniquity are discussed.

We go into his past creative experiences with Martial Arts and Blogtalkradio encounters.

Mutual Beard Braiding is explored.

This is a picture of Tim after he shaved his back hair and pasted it to his face.


This is John after the interview.

Board breaking takes 1000’s of hours of training. Creativity in one’s mind is vital to being a great Martial artist.

Ugly kicks take hours and hour of monitored trained practice.

Martial arts is utilitarian or practical vs academic arts, and this is why john didn’t consider himself an artist.

John’s style is not for entertainment, rather military art or practical down dirty and gritty.

We compare his Martial arts practice to a grungy bar band or porn. Speaking of porn we discuss the 2 pornographic films he has starred in with his left hand.

We discuss his 10 years as an assistant instructor in Martial Arts.

For John art is everywhere, he sees it in nature, in day to day interactions. He likes to blur it from intentionally going out to see art in a museum or reading a book.

We move onto the Satanic Seven Questions. Transvestite Thursdays is of note in his answers.  He does find out the airspeed velocity of an unladden swallow, albeit not a Canadian. His dream project is to write a book on an unknown subject. He ends up with a score of 6 out of 7 questions correct.


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