Needle In The Hay Stack : Found Object Project

Create your own sculpture with found objects around the house. Needle in a haystack will aspire you to look at common objects in a new light and experiment with design and art. Look around right now, can you make a sculpture of your own with what you have there. We did with a dead bolt, you can to.

My original idea was to cut up some trees that fell down in a recent storm, but our deadbolt to the front door broke. So being the handy man I am, I went ahead and took out the old and put in a new one, then I called a lock smith and had them fix what I had broken. It happens. I told the locksmith I wanted the parts as he was going to take them and hopefully recycle them. He looked at me a little odd, but said have at it, and I did.

So here is your materials list :

Old busted deadbolt, or get a new one they cost about 30 bucks

Super glue

Pliers to bend and hold



what to do with that last piece


in process



front view


back view


side view


Top view




Thank you for listening in as we Create More Than We Consume

Join in and let us know how your project turned out


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