International Podcast Day

Hey Friends, 

We are back participating in International Podcast day. Check out their schedule of events by clicking on the link or going to . 

We delve into my past and how I got started and why I continue podcasting with help from Kyle Bondo at Gagglepod.

We as podcasters celebrate by talking with friends/family/coworkers on the power of podcasting and what it means to us, we also do special episodes like this one and we reach out to each other. One way we reach out is by attending Festivals like DC Podcfest. Listen to my story of my first DC Podfest and you can attend DC Podfest yourself on 1,2 Nov 2019. 

Listen in as I talk about my two speaking engagements at MAPCON

Mid Atlantic Podcast Conference is now known as Independent Podcasters Conference. 


Next we move onto Book festivals, I attended the Fredericksburg VA Independent  Book festival

and met a great a ton of great local writers and was asked to Emcee the RVA Booklovers Festival

I am still continuing our classes with Virginia Podcasters Association locally here in Fredericksburg where we do weekly meetups about podcasting. 

There has been a lot going on here at KDOI and we will be bringing you more conversations this season and fun changes for next season. stay tuned. 

Thank you for listening to KDOI Podcasting

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