Running with Scissors

Comic Book Collage Project

Your material list :

  1. Exacto knife, grab this at Michaels for 4 bucks
  2. Glue, again grab at Michaels, you can get specialized glue for attaching things to cardstock or posterboard, I paid 4 bucks for this
  3. Posterboard/cardstock I used 12×12 heavy cardstock from Michael’s 5 pack 4 bucks. I got this in the wedding stationary area.
  4. Comic book, get a preview book for free or cheap, you will have a lot of images to choose from and lots of type face

My true inspiration for this project, not a sponsor of this podcast



What you need



Okay step by step what do you do :

  1. Make sure you have a surface to cut on that you don’t mind marking up. I used my coffee table/craft table, this is the table that most of these projects have been done on. It is thick and dense like me sometimes.
  2. I recommend cutting out all images that speak to you, naturally I gravitated towards the Batman stuff and there was a ton of it in there, but don’t get to transfixed, have a general idea of what you want to look for, is it love, action, movement. Think about if you want all your images to be similar in structure – faces, lips, words whatever- then go for it, if you are going for whatever strikes you then go for it. I basically didn’t have any preconceived notion of what I was going to grab, I just saw the Batman and the Lucifer word and I went from there.
  3. Once you have all images cut, lay it out on the cardstock, DO NOT glue at this point, do not sniff the glue, if you feel the need to sniff glue you are on the wrong podcast, I can recommend another podcast of 5. If you have multiple layers then note which one is on top and below.
  4. Take a picture so you have a map of what you want
  5. Start with the bottom level and get to the glue. Again stop sniffing the glue, use a little bit as it may bubble up and harden which will cause bumps in your final product.
  6. Once you get everything down, you may have some white spaces or whatever background color, you can cover it up with slivers of paper.
  7. Frame if you feel the need.

First Cut Out


First glue


Layout before glue


Almost done


Final Product

Thanks for listening and participating. We hope today’s project gives you that push to go out there and have some fun. Please share your story behind your project as well as sharing pictures of your project.


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