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Digital Music Creation Project

Welcome back, we hope you have enjoyed all the projects in this season so far, lets go ahead and get started into this episodes project creating digital music.

Today’s episode will be doing double duty as we will be previewing the music to our next podcast Grey HeroesNo One Gets Out Clean coming soon to a podcast catcher near you.

For over 10 years I have been using a program called Magix to make digital music. The great thing about this project is you just need a basic understanding of music, and that basic understanding is what sounds good to you and to be brave enough to make wonderful mistakes. This program is based on loops and digital instruments. Our main focus will be on the loops as they have already been created for you and we will go into some interesting song structure that you can use right out of the box.


Here is what the project we are working on looks like in finished form. Don’t let it scare you, this is pretty easy to pick up.



Here is what Grey Heroes looks like without the vocals



What you are going to need, a laptop, something with really good speed and not junked up with a lot of bloatware, good processor since you audio work tends to really eat up processor speed and a copy of Magix, you can usually get started for about 60 bucks. I’d recommend a good pair of headphones that cover your ear, I use Audio Technica 50x and that will run you around 100-150 bucks.


Total time to do this simple project 45 minutes.


Here are some screen shots of what this show looks like in Audacity. The first one is all the usual music and promos


And this one is the finished product that you are listening to right now.


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