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Hey there, glad to have you back, I am Timothy Kimo Brien Head Instigator at KDOI Podcasting where we create more than we consume. This season we are doing projects that are inexpensive and are relatively easy to accomplish. You don’t need to be Davinci or Monet, heck you don’t even need to know who those old dead guys are, I just want you to have some fun, be inspired to make some art and share your experience with the project.

Now how did I come by this project, pretty easily. So if you remember way back in Season 1 episode 1 I explained why I was doing this project, don’t worry I will wait for you to catch up. No seriously I started this whole podcast because I assist Soldiers transitioning from the military to a civilian career. Many times we use art therapy to assist soldiers for whatever they need the therapy. Many times the Soldiers came to me and showed their work then denigrated it because they had no formal training. So I decided to show everyone that you have a creative spirit in you, we just need to unlock it. I want to give you ideas and encouragement and I would like to see what you are currently doing and I would love to have you on the show for an interview or a conversation. You can get a hold of me via :


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Time needed : approx 30 minutes for dry time depending on your environment. To do the actual painting alone if more than 1 color 20 minutes per color to allow for dry time.

Materials needed

Twine or String 3.00

Ink red, blue, black, yellow 2.50 each

Pack of card stock 25 pieces 12×12 7.50

Hard cover book, use your book clock from episode 1 Free



Step 1 Fold card stock in half and shake up ink

Step 2 put Twine or String in ink and let it saturate


Step 3 Place string on card stock, looping and crossing over


Step 4 Fold card stock and place envelope in book



Step 6 Pull string out, minimal pressure on book, try gentle jerks and pull from more than one angle





Step 7 Let ink dry for the first color, then repeat steps 2-6





Step 7 Cut card stock in half and then glue to a 3rd sheet of card stock, mix and match the string paintings




Step 8 place in frame and you have your string painting.


Lessons learned :

1. Pull the string in different directions and do the gentle jerk technique

2. Add some paint thinner to the ink to make it more fluid

3. Change the direction before you mount the string painting mixups



Thank you for listening in as we Create More Than We Consume

Join in and let us know how your project turned out


Twitter kdoi_podcasting

Instagram @kdoi_podcasting

FB Group TKBrien72

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