The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

Welcome back to KDOI Podcasting, this project is our poetry project.

My first real exposure to poetry was in my honors English class in high School. We were reading poems and the teacher, Ms Baxter (battle Axe Baxter) skipped over T.S. Elliot because she said he was to esoteric for high school students. Needless to say he became my favorite.

We go over inspiration, writing, editing, chosing a publish pathway, editing for publishing, cover design and then we being to talk about marketing and networking. Seems simple, its not and for me it is still a work in progress.


We have a special guest Chris Jones with which is his consulting company where he helps writers who would be published authors. Chris also is one of the founders of Frederickskburg VA Independent Book Festival. I attended this book festival as a vendor 1 year ago and will be there again this year.




All of my books in 1 place.


My Banner at my table, needs to be updated


You can get a copy of my books here


Throwing Myself at the Ground and Missing

Postcards From Someone You Don’t Know

Wisdom From The Sack

Shaving Crop Circles In Your Chest Hair





Let us know how we are doing and share your work with our listeners, that is how we create more than we consume.


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