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Wood Burning Project


Good day everyone and welcome back to KDOI Podcasting, I am your host Timothy Kimo Brien and here we create more than we consume through projects that inspire you to drop your cell phone and pick up anything at hand to create something. We also talk with Artists that want to remove the mysterious veil between Artists and Audiences.

So where did I get the idea for this project, well many years ago, back when I was a kid, my older brother Mike got a wood burning kit when he was about 8 or 10, which meant I was that annoying little brother of 4 or 6.


I also recently saw this project on the Art of Manliness podcast/website. Art of Manliness, not a sponsor of this podcast, but a great podcast in its own right. So Brett McKay, the host and head dude at AoM was writing about gifts that men can make and give to family and friends. So that rekindled for me the interest in wood burning. So Thanks Brett, another great idea.

So what you will need

plaque of wood 8 bucks

wood burning kit 15 bucks

stencils 10 bucks

pencils and pliers hanging around the house

electrical fire extinguishers


Here is a picture of your tools


Step 1 prepare the surface address the wood plot out where the stencils will go

Step 2 place the stencils and draw them in




Step 3 begin the burn

Use a softer hand

Step Final touches



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Thanks for listening and participating. We hope today’s project gives you that push to go out there and have some fun. Please share your story behind your project as well as sharing pictures of your project.

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