Wotd nuance


I sit behind a desk listening to hundreds of stories, reasons, pleadings

Those who are ending a career or are facing the end of a dream want my full attention

Giving them all hope is not in my position description but that is the best medicine

Their buy in is assured when they hear I made it without the support and opportunity they will receive if they grasp at it

They never see the lessions in my brain, they never know the struggle to maintain my sanity facing the insane first 3 years I faced when I moved here, they can’t smell the homelessness I experienced just a scant 8 years ago

This is why I know what they are going through, why I give 2nd and 3rd and 4th chances

This is why they know I truly care about the outcome.

Today they won’t know I spent 30 minutes in an MRI suffering from severe claustrophobia to get a clearer picture of a brain damaged

Today they won’t know I spent 45 minutes in a dentist chair fixing the neglect of years without dental care

Today they will see me come in late but won’t know I planned out my day and came in early so that there would be minimal impact

Today all they will know is that I’m willing to listen and soothe the impact of what they are about to face

And I know they have hidden stories that no one will ever hear, but they will know that I know that and respect their honorable  stance and will be there after they leave my charge