Wotd abstract


I have lived just outside of your accepted reality

I find unrecognizable patterns allow my imagination to soar and grow

Abstract means the absence of tract, and who wants to live in tract homes or by religious tracts promising salvation, now that’s an abstract idea that should require a psychological workup

Abs restrict and contract but I’m not sure if they tract, unless it takes about muscles to hand out tracts

Abstr could be a nick name for someone named Abe or Abby or Abigail who acts on stage maybe in an Avant garde play from an obscure polish director

Abstrac us the act of distracting someone using your abs while you insert a tract selling salvation from a drooling idiot named Abe into an unsuspecting passerbys back pocket without noticing that person is wearing skinny jeans

Abstract is so nuanced it really is u clear of the meaning, I could be way off, but then who knows what I’m actually saying