WOTD jolt


I climb on the train that takes me to work

Cold sweats flush my shirt until it’s damp

My eyes swim as I try to read and forget where I’m headed

And that familiar feeling clogs my throat

The urge to find a place to quietly release

My eyes gain sharp focus

I enter the tiny entombment and pray for silence

Pray the wretching doesn’t alarm the other passengers

And I lose composure momentarily

Out comes the bile mixed with coffee

Just a short burst

I’m cleaned up and back into my seat

Before the next stop

I may have just pushed myself a little fast

I didn’t listen to my body my enemy

I lay my head against the window and quietly laugh

I press through the day without letting anyone know

I’m not as strong as I display

And my stop comes up,

I shuffle to my other car and weep

Then move forward with the insane conversations

Playing my part waiting for the next fight

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