WOTD spike


My wife got me this flower after I had so many spikes in my veins that day

Here is another MRI with a spike for the contrast

Here is a CT scan with another spike for contrast

Hernia needs repair, a spike for sleep and a spike for fluids

Need to check my blood, here is another spike

Don’t like what you see, here is another spike for thee

My veins rise to the occasion, my daughters kiss my owiees away

I just want a drain installed so you can drain my lifeblood away

There is one spike I save for my war with my body and it’s between my fore and ring finger

There’s one spike I save for the Cheeto fucker in charge and it happens to be the same one

I’m tired of hearing I’m sorry from the angels of Mercy slowly draining me dry

Just stick it in, I promise not to cry

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