WOTD avid


Am I passionate enough about words to make you cough up a few bucks or care about what I dream about

Can I take a brush and some pigment put in the thought and hours to share a vision I had, artificially induced so that you will overlook the technical imperfections

Will I agonize for weeks to just get the right time in order to ensure that you will remember and feel the noises in my head

Can I gain your attention long enough to make you drool over the possibility that you will experience something you can’t get elsewhere

Do I risk financial reward in hopes that there are a few people brave enough, fed up enough, adventurous enough to seek out that  one morsel dripping from my fingers at just the right time

This is a two way transaction, I need to be a guide the can deliver and you need to be willing to trust me to produce 

It seems so easy but then it is so elusive like catching that bird in the frame at just the right moment because it has to be the right bird seed and the right time if year, and you will need to be patient because there are to many unknowns

My fans, followers, patrons, friends I need you in order to ensure I am true to my calling

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