WOTD gray


I’ve noticed the color changes in my hair

I was once a bleach blonde blue eyes charmer

I once was a purple mohawk punk rocker

With the years I’ve gone gray

I look at each hair as something I’ve learned

Some nugget if knowledge that guides my path

I know that others see my age, my Haggard eyes

They see the receeding hairline and know I’ve lived

But I still see the blond through the gray

And sometimes the energy of the purple comes out

But now I’m gray and I deserve every hair

I wish I had more

But I’m finally respecting myself

Accepting myself 

As I ease into this next phase

4 thoughts on “WOTD gray

  1. Exactly, live for the age you are now. I for one am writing a lot more poetry than my younger self would’ve cared for, but maybe that’s because I have more experience now to draw on. It’s a good piece on something that affects us all and that we need to deal with individually

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    1. I’m on the other end of the writing, I used to crank out 2 poems a day, because of life and being a father, this is my solace and my form. I want to expand a few of these prompts out and publish them in my 4th book of poetry. Thanks for reading and for sharing your thoughts

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