WOTD trace


My fingers roll over the words printed in ink so many years ago

Never in cursive since I’ve always failed at penmanship, should have been a doctor

These days my thumb grows callosed since now we type with one finger

I prefer the roughness of paper and pencil

When I read aloud, my fingers follow the words like they did when I first learned to read, now I trace the words for my daughters, but really it’s the only way I can focus

I want to gently tug at the letters untill they are free from the page and see what pictures they would make if allowed to flow freely

I’m still puzzled at how we decided these shapes of lines and portions of circles define our very existence, we put the value of life and death in them, would we be better off being illiterate

WOTD buff


The most important job in boot camp besides latrine queen is floor God

Yes the latrine is the first room a petulant drill Sargent wants to rip apart

But just ponder this, how can the drill Sargent get to the latrine, or anywhere for that matter, he or she must walk

The military is obsessed with shiny things, but what is the shiniest, a freshly and properly buffed floor

Yes go ahead look down you know I’m right

There is nothing like seeing your reflection gazing back at you with ponderous intent than your own reflection

There is nothing as temporary and fleeting as that same floor blemish free for mere moments before a misplaced geel beat smashes down, indicating domination, respect, intimidation

I can still hear the heel taps my drill Sargent wore that announced the end of peace and contemplation

It caused panic and disloyalty amongst fellow prisoners if their own volition

There is nothing as satisfying as standing just outside of the barracks or a long hall, inhailing neverdull and floor striper with just a hint if bowling alley was that you bartered for with a pack of smokes or some Thunderbird and knowing you have reached perfection, when you Bellow socks only muther fuckers and the drill Sargent takes a tumble on his ass sliding halfway down the bay

I don’t even hear the first seventy-fuve minutes of the six hour ass reaming I’m about to receive, and neither does my crew standing like a true band of brothers, quietly admiring our work, quiet professionals who soon will separate and never attain this level of accomplishment. We are the floor gods, you are only allowed in our world when we say and after we have mentally masturbated ourselves for a task completed

Even the drill Sargent pulls us aside to quietly tell ya how impressed he is, only to cut that feeling off as it leaves his mouth. For a nano second we are his equals, nay, his betters

Look at that buffed floor and know that people who you are not worthy to associate with gave prepared the way 

WOTD survive


80 mph, back wheel lifts up

I’m flying faster than the bike

I’m landing on my hands

These hands that make magic on a keyboard

Make music on a tuba or bass guitar

Make women moan like never before

I land and roll to a stop on the ashpalt

My leathers are scratched, my jeans torn, helmet still on scraped and cracked

I’m alive, in pain, but alive
A year later I’m in the horn of Africa

Dodging ak fire from starving tribes

Cursing out my commander since we aren’t authorized side arms

Dodging the locals who cough up their TB and malaria

Trying not to be the next international incident
It’s late, 4 lane highway 3 hours of overtime just completed

I’ve decided to break it off with my girlfriend and kick her out

I’m too close behind the car in front as it swerves hard into the left lane

T-boned into a truck that a few minutes before crashed into another car

Off duty cop, drunk, his buddies show up and threaten me

I ask for a breathilizer for both, they decline as the paramedics arrive

I’m asked 30 times if I’m alright and I just want a smoke so they let me

As I stand there in the dark lights flashing someone puts a hand on my back and that’s when I collapsed

I’m in the ambulance I’m at the ER

My girl shows up in tears and I forgot to kick her out for 2 years
It’s labor day weeken

I’m moving from Chicago to Virginia

I’m driving solo 15 hours each way

I’m on my 3rd trip

I’ve thrown out my back and I 2 weeks I’m to be wed
I have succeeded to the chagrin of those‚Äč family members who molested me

WOTD impression


It’s been so long since I’ve visited my adopted home

I am not the same person since visiting Paris

I am not the same person since returning from Paris

Planning in seven years to make the same impression on my daughters

Paris opened my heart

My daughters enrich my heart

All I want to do is the same for them

I want the thumbprint imbedded in their soul as it is mine

They should know the beauty that can be possible and should witness a beauty that matches their own

The anticipation is overwhelming

WOTD adrift


Sometimes the path has no hills, no clouds, no turns

We yawn and ask for excitement, entertainment, enlightenment

As if we were entitled to such luxuries

But it is in those times we are tested the most to veer off our path in search for the next shiny

When what we set out to follow is easiest to follow then the path needs a recalculation because certainly it can be thus easy we think to ourselves

But it is that easy, sometimes the universe tosses us a break, sometimes we have a chance to catch up or take a well deserved nap (always take the nap when offered)

If the path seems easy enough for anyone to follow and you complain because that means anyone can follow it, remember the times when you gave plodded through the freezing rain alone begging for some sort of companion

Be mindful if your path at all times, recalculation implies you have all the time in the world, and you may, but not those who you spawn

WOTD qualm


The word pours out if my mouth like molasses that has been sitting on a rug

It has caused the reconsideration of one thousand irrational tadpole shaped doubts

Stopping progress for no other reason than the belief that something exhilerating will wake us from our status quo hibernation

If it had a balming effect, perhaps it would be that it stops impetuous behavior, but who didn’t enjoy their toddler years of exploration

This word is such a sloth furried word that is only available to wear in the humid tortured days of summer

Speak not of this lazy way of not participating in life, push past your idelness or worship your devil and darken not my temple again

WOTD collaboration


A dance that is truly about feeling

Delicate and treacherous

Wants and desires and aspirations dictate who leads and who dips

Once complete it is never exactly how it was envisioned

Is it as satisfying for each participant

When the audience witnesses the final project do they normally care

It’s like the dreaded group projects in school when you knew you would be the driving force

And can you fault someone who is trying to do their own work and doesn’t have the dedication or drive 

WOTD hospitality


From homless couch surfer to 5 bedroom house in 8 years

A home us not a home unless you can share

We teach that to our children, we relearn it every day

Our fortune is only as great as how we can spread it to out neighbors and friends

We sleep with the doors unlocked

And it is the sweetest slumber

We sleep knowing that those beside us enjoy the sounds if laughter and awe

Come in enjoy and leave to pass it along

WOTD final


Every year, the crying gets a little less

I can watch the commercials and not lose it

Watching my wife and my children grow

The feelings are not as dark or gloomy

Making better memories for them

In the rush to get the best gift

Reservations at her favorite restaurant

Fighting the crowds

Grousing at the same

We will stay home and remind her every day how much we appreciate the late ve she shows in many ways

It’s too late to tell my mother to her face

But I can always call out to the universe and know she will hear

One day my girls will be the ones keeping traditions that we create today

WOTD maze


It’s Friday night, dark rain and humidity fogging up my windows

Already headed to bed when just a scant 5 years ago I’d be heading downtown to a foreign film

So used to spending days awake playing online games, studying, writing, creating art

Some Fridays I made the trek to the casino for hours of tedium

Then I grew up, headed down a different path, and now I await the patter of feet sneaking downstairs

The faint smell of urine and sour milk lingers just above soiled diapers

It seems I turn left, right, up, down and get further from the center of my self-centeredness 

I did break down and scream at the gridlocked traffic about how I felt trapped, making a step back toward the center, all I heard in response we’re car horns, music, radio talk show

When the rain broke at the same time the blockade of sweat, steel and smog, my mood broke and I focused on my goal for the day

I ran my egregious errands, I pampered myself with small talk and a haircut

Arriving home I dove back into my fathership role heading down different paths in my daughter’s life journey, steering them down a different path in hopes that one of us finally finds the exit

Will I ever know if the do find it, I can’t give myself the luxury of contemplation.