WOTD control


If we fight for control what have we won when we get it

If we start from the perspective that we already have control because we have a choice to control ourselves do we need to fight for control

Maybe it’s white male privilege that I ask this, however, these questions came from far east philosopers, I could be wrong to ask, I can accept that, but what about the source of the questions

Control is an illusion because it is dependent on someone relinquishing​ control over themselves, not that defiance to being controlled could be death, so I am thinking we all release some control over our lives if we feel it benefits us.

I don’t know what point I’m trying to make here, I’ve just fed 2 daughters, cleaned them up, entertained them, put them to bed and I’m trying to allow them as much as possible to control their own lives, even though my life in the last 5 tears has spiraled out if control. 

So yeah not a poem, not a deep thought, just honest confusion, questions to the invisible infinity, sometimes that’s what you get, other times I’ll try to challenge your thoughts, but tonight I think I’ll listen to the deep breathing if my girls as they sleep. Oh yeah enjoy the flowers from my front yard

Good night readers and followers. I hope I haven’t disappointed

3 thoughts on “WOTD control

  1. isn’t it wonderful to reach out and touch someone who doesn’T only love you when they’receive hungry, you’re on the phone, you’re writing a blog, or reading one? My kids are grown, but one still lives here plus I take everyone else’S overnight so they can work graveyard shift jobs. I know your anguish.

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