Upcoming Show and Reminder of Past Shows

Good Evening Friends of KDOI Podcasting


Wow we have had an exciting week, no less than 4 new interviews have happened with some very exciting guests that I know will resonate with you and your journey through life, art and creativity. 

We just passed 250 downloads and I want to thank you all for listening in, sharing this podcast with your friends and family. 

Keep on passing this around to everyone you know. Click on the service you use iTunes, iHeart Radio, Stitcher, Spreaker, Facebook, Twitter and our website KDOIPODCASTING.COM


So we had a wonderful time with Mike Finlay listen in right here. We discussed his work on novels, poetry, playwrighting and future projects. 

Tune in this week’s episode on Saturday 16 Dec where we have another Artist step up to the mic and share how they Create More Than They Consume. Inspiration is sure to follow. The best way not to miss an episode is to subscribe. While you subscribe, especially iTunes subscriptions, leave a rating. Also shoot us an email tell us what inspires you and tell us if you want your chance at the Satanic Seven Questions. Can you get a perfect score? Can you get a better than perfect score, can you at least beat my 3 out of 7. Email us at kdoipodcasting@gmail.com or join the fun on Twitter @kdoi_podcasting . Hey who wants a T-Shirt or a notebook. The 13th email I receive will get either a KDOI Podcasting T-shirt or a notebook with our logo on the front. All the cool kids are getting it. 



Check out this episode!

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